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PhD in Gothic Lit, Independent Scholar



“Horror Occupied Her Mind”: Misinformation, Misperception, and Detecting the Trauma of Gothic Heroine” Aeternum: The Journal Of Contemporary Gothic Studies.

Book Chapters

“Unmade and Remade: Trauma in Modern Adaptations of Frankenstein” Gothic Afterlives: The Reincarnation of Horror in Film and Television. Ed. Lorna Piatti-Farnell. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield, 2019.

Book Reviews

Review of Monsters and Monstrosity from the Fin de Siècle to the Millennium, ed. Sharla Hutchison and Rebecca A. Brown. Gothic Studies 18.1 (2016).

Blog Entries

Beauty & the Beast: Feminine Monstrosity in “The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains” Solicited blog entry
for the International Gothic Association. 10 October 2016.

“Puritan Gothic: Extremist Horror in Robert Egger’s The Witch Solicited blog entry
for the International Gothic Association. 28 Jun 2016.

“I Believe in Sherlock Holmes: Sherlockian Fandom Then and Now” Solicited blog entry for “Victorians Beyond the Academy” Journal of Victorian Culture Online. 22 November 2011.

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